What the wreck database is all about

The wreck database is an ongoing project and it is always great to hear from folks that can add something. Over the years many have got in touch telling us about their relatives that were aboard ship and or supplying further information. Recently I was able to send information and photographs to someone enquiring about a lost family member so it is a two way street. I received this postcard a while back and although on the surface it is just a postcard of submarine M2 before her conversion to plane carrier it is the signature on the back which is of interest, quite likely a crew or former crew member, something for us to follow up on during the winter months. If there is anyone out there that thinks they could add something to any of the database wrecks by all means do get in touch it all builds the history which as the title is what it is all about.

What the wreck database is all about 1
What the wreck database is all about 2

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