Manchester CourierWednesday 23 April 1890

Times: Wednesday, April 23, 1890, Issue 32993 – “The French bark Ehen of Harve, from Bremen for Bordeaux, laden with rice, went ashore on the west side of Portland Bill at 8 p.m. on Monday, between Blacknor and the Upper Lighthouse. Ten men and the master’s wife were saved. The vessel is well on the rocks and apparently holed, and will probably be a total wreck. Prospects of salvage, very doubtful. Tugs have been ordered.” Ship Incident

Small French Barque – Bremen to Bordeaux – Weymouth Library Photo Neg. No. 38/6 – Rocket Apparatus Rescue. (Good detail in LARN) Captain Roberts. Cargo, Rice & Pickles. W side of Portland in Mutton-Cove, near Henry Flewes pier. Ten crew and one passenger saved. Farr p44. & LePard: pages 84 & 85.

Day of Loss: 22

Month of Loss: 4

Year of Loss: 1890



Approximate Depth: