Times: Friday, December 1, 1882, Issue 30679 – “The Guide of Weymouth, Schooner, Captain Nurse, from Youghal, laden with oats, for Plymouth arrived at the latter port, Nov. 30, with the loss of jib boom, head gear, and outwater damaged, having been in collision on Nov. 29 about 1 mile south of the breakwater light, with the Ellen Rickmers, German bark, which went about directly ahead of the Guide. The latter kept off as much as possible, but was unable to clear the Ellen Rickmers, that the vessel making a stern board at the time. The pilot and three of the crew of the Ellen Rickmers got on board the Guide, and subsequently landed at Plymouth. Captain Logorn and the remainder of the crew were landed on Wednesday night at Plymouth by a fishing boat. The Ellen Rickmers sank in about half an hour after the accident.”

Day of Loss: 1

Month of Loss: 12

Year of Loss: 1882



Approximate Depth: