Barque – Pilot taken on at Cowes and a storm forced her to shelter in Portland Roads. Due to the combination of heavy snow, the gale and huge seas, the breakwater light was concealed and the vessel struck one of the piles and went to pieces. The pilot jump off when they hit the pier and drowned., but the crew, hanging on to the timbers until the chance came to gain the breakwater, were saved. Several piles were knocked down by the impact. “The vessel was completely shivered that the greater portion was split up into fragments no longer round than Lucifer matches.” The coast between Ferry Bridge & Portland is strewn with wreck. Five men were sent to court for taking away a hawser from the IRENE, but the case was dismissed. Refs. LARN; Weymouth Library Ref. No. L.910.4 IR.1. (Photograph) – See also HARRIET. Weymouth, Portland & Dorchester Telegraph: 03/01/1861.

Day of Loss: 26

Month of Loss: 12

Year of Loss: 1860



Approximate Depth: