Western Morning NewsWednesday 02 January 1861

Schooner – (LARN). Captain Corder. West Bay, Chesil Beach. Joseph White & William Flann led a crew of five men (David King, John Flann, John White, George Stone and Henry Mitchell) who put out in their own Lerret to save the crew, earning two silver medals from the RNLI and a certificate going to Jonathon Gibb. DCC:03/01/1861 “During the afternoon of Sunday, the schooner NORVAL, Corder master, belonging to Plymouth, in ballast from France, went ashore in Chesil Cove. The master, it appears, did not observe the land until close upon it, and hesitating whether or not he should accept the proffered assistance of the pilot, the vessel in the interim drifted in, the captain and three men, forming the crew, just managed to save their lives by getting on board a Portland “Lerret”. In the course of the night she went to pieces. Refs. Weymouth, Portland & Dorchester Telegram: 03/01/1860. & Lloyds List: No. 14584: 01/01/1861.

Day of Loss: 30

Month of Loss: 12

Year of Loss: 1860



Approximate Depth: