Collision with GIRDLENESS. Report in DCC: 03/01/1884. See also Times

Times: Wednesday, January 2, 1884 Issue 31019 – “The steamer Girdleness was assisted on Monday into Portland by the steamer Rathlin, of Glasgow, having been in collision with the ship Sapphire, of and from London for New York, about 12 miles west of Portland. The Girdleness had to be beached for the safely of all concerned, her main compartment being cut clean through, and her fore compartment full of water. The cargo is supposed to have been lost. The captain arranged with Lloyd’s Agent for pumps and a tug, and will endeavor to get the ship to Weymouth for safety. The Girdleness is from Belfast for London.” Ship Incident

Day of Loss: 31

Month of Loss: 12

Year of Loss: 1883



Approximate Depth: