Smack – (LARN) – Captain Windar. Portland Breakwater. From inside Portland Harbour she dragged both anchors and hit the breakwater. The ROYAL ALFRED tug tried a rescue but failed, however a local lerret with eight men aboard put out to her rescue. The smack damaged the lerret and was eventually towed to safety by the tug. Check also Southern Times: 05/12/1874. Times Report

Times: Tuesday, December 1, 1874, Issue 28174 – “The ships at Portland Harbour had a trying time, but they held fast to their cables, with one exception, the smack Sultan, of Plymouth, which on Sunday morning dragged her moorings and began to drift towards the breakwater. An attempt was made by Her Majesty’s ship Royal Alfred to put a large hawser on board but before this could be pulled in the smaller line snapped and the smack continued to drift rapidly towards the breakwater. Nothing could be done to save the little craft from being dashed to pieces, and to save the crew one of the Portland ‘lerrets’ was taken out by eight men. To rescue the men was a work of great danger and difficulty on account of the manner in which the smack rolled. The lives of all in the boat were placed in peril, as the smack came on the gunwale of the boat, completely smashing it, and the men could only use one side for rowing. The steam of the royal Alfred was sent to the assistance of the boat; and finally succeeded in towing it in. Shortly afterward the smack struck the breakwater, listed over, and went down.” Extreme Gales & Ship Incidents.

Day of Loss: 29

Month of Loss: 11

Year of Loss: 1874



Approximate Depth: