Gearing up the wheelhouse to recommence the Hercules search after a weather break. I would like to have everything set up permanently but RWTwo has another life as a dive boat and sadly divers and delicate electronics are a recipe for disaster! Come the winter I think I will be carrying out some alterations to the boat or replacing It, either way I need to end up with a dual-purpose dive/survey boat that I am not dismantling and rebuilding every time it changes role. As for the search we are now moving into the second area of interest having completed sonar operations but not camera operations in the first. Relentless is the word that springs to mind….

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  1. Depending on boat decisions, I reckon a winter project routing delicate cables and boxes so they’re out of the way of clumsy divers would make sense. Hopefully the wheelhouse will be less of an oven in the winter months too đŸ™‚

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