Last words “Leave me alone for five minutes I’ve got trouble”

This story is one that has been bubbling away research wise for well over a decade and this year we are in a position to move forward with it.

The wreck of this aircraft lays out in the English Channel and its remains will have a tale to tell. I have spent some considerable time working out where it isn’t so as to be able to reduce the area where we might find it. If that sounds insane…. Welcome to my world.

6 Replies to “Last words “Leave me alone for five minutes I’ve got trouble””

  1. Having just had a quick peek at the data I cannot wait for the next phase of this exciting project. It’ll be a challenge based on where I’m looking, but if it were easy everyone would have already done it. Due to the story behind it, I can see this getting a fair bit of attention. Just watch out for the black helicopters 😉

  2. I have reached the point of feeling like a kid at Christmas. I am so thankful you folks have taken on tis project. We are closing in on 50 years now and my mothers health is not great. I am hopeful to give her some closure on this. God speed!

  3. Great to hear from you again Henry. We are getting pretty excited ourselves now that we are in the final preparation stages of the project, it’s been a good few years in the making and we wouldn’t be entering this phase if we thought we didn’t have a good chance of success in finding the aircraft. I am surrounded by great people this is a terrific team effort and like you we all want answers, the true history here needs to go on record.

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