Every time we start to think maybe we can have a little break in proceedings and think of something else for a day or so… Bang the Paul Meyer story takes another twist. Nothing new there so I guess we shouldn’t really be surprised however while most think all the efforts are concentrated on the search for the aircraft the search for what happened before during and after the flight is just as big an undertaking. In fact I have been working on that for over ten years on and off but pleased to say that now I am getting great support from others who are working tirelessly! Fair to say we are making progress on all fronts and some of our critics (yes we have a few) are now starting to go a little quiet and sit back in their armchairs. We never thought it would be easy and we were not wrong however there is a certain satisfaction to be gained from our progress which gives us continued strength as we fight on towards the truth. One polite request please don’t anyone else tell me there is a film and a book in this….Sigh. Yes we know that but unless you are going to write it, or pay for it or tell us how to go about it please keep that to yourself while we figure that side of things out. Just a reminder to folks that there is a very sad side to this story please check out the link here and scroll to 40 minutes 30 seconds.

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