In the eyes of the public driven by the media there is one English Channel aircraft story/mystery that stands out above all others, of course I am referring to the disappearance of Glenn Miller. As huge as this story is there are in my opinion several others that are just as worthy of attention and hopefully in time Deeper Dorset will be able to highlight that. In the last twenty years I have been approached several times with reference to carrying out a sidescan search looking for Glenn Miller’s Norseman aircraft, the latest discussion was only last year. There are without going into too much detail many reasons why a little guy like myself (David) would be better placed than a big concern (Goliath) to go looking and if ever I was to get involved it is that aspect that would drive me on! Up until recently being true to my Dorset roots there has been no reason to think much about it as there isn’t or at least wasn’t a Dorset link? Seems like now there is?? Apparently there is talk of a new search… So I wonder if anyone will pay me a few coppers to go and have a look or perhaps it’s best left in the hands of a specialist aircraft recovery group that has received millions in donations over the years but to date has found absolutely Diddley Squat on any of it’s projects. Just saying!

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  1. But I watched a TV Documentary where they located the Norseman, divers recovered the radial engine. It’s on film or VT somewhere. Must have been best part of 20 years ago…..

    1. Hi Peter you are thinking of the Channel 4 film Glenn Miller’s last flight. Diver Martin Woodward with whom I have spoken some time back led the search. There was nothing to prove the engine came from the Norseman there are literally hundreds of aero engines lying on the seabed and Martin felt carrying on the search was pointless as the odds were so stacked against success. Since then more information has come to light which reduces the area of the search and todays search techniques and equipment are greatly improved on what was available back then. Still a very tall order with no guarantee of success but the opportunity is there to take another look.

  2. The group who may attempt a search for Miller is TIGHAR. They did several trips to Niku Atoll in the Pacific looking for Earhart and Noonan and lost plane. Things were found like a female boot heal, bits of alloy etc. Also bone sniffer dogs from Natgeo went along and sniffed something. The alleged place where she died. Anyhow another trip is planned according to their site. They also want to look for Coli and Nungesser’s lost plane the White Bird in the Atlantic. Small plane big sea.

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