HMS DELIGHT 1,375 ton Destroyer H38 [60M] – (LARN, 1914? & 1939?) (Clarke: p58 1940) – Bombed and sunk off Portland by German Aircraft. 6 crew died. (GPS: 50 15.05N, 02 42 58W – Clarke: & Trim: 1940) – 20.5 miles SSE Portland Bill. Deeper Dorset has acquired the transcript of the hearing into her … Read Article


HMS Boadicea was a WW2 destroyer which had a very active career. She was completed & commissioned on the 2nd June, 1931 and immediately sent to the Mediterranean where she was involved in the evacuation of British Nationals at the start of the Spanish Civil War. Boadicea was not involved at Dunkirk because she was … Read Article