English East Indiaman [10M] – (Detail in Dive Dorset: 216 p157: GPS; 50 34.10N; 02 01.75W – [A Circumstantial Narrative of the ‘Loss of the Halsewell’ (East Indiaman) Meriton, H. and Rogers, J. 1796. Captain Richard Pierce] Exceptionally detailed, interactive CD, Three English East Indiamen Wrecked off the Dorset Coast by Ed Cumming ISBN 0-9542104-3-3. … Read Article


The Earl of Abergavenny It was the start of the Earl of Abergavenny’s fifth voyage since she was launched in 1797 at Pitchers Yard on the Thames. The whole Wordsworth family had invested a huge sum of money in a very diverse cargo, hoping that the proceeds would enable William to concentrate solely on his … Read Article


Print attached to the Narrative.  Re-mastered from the original by Semi Vine. The Alexander was the third (known) English East Indiaman wrecked off the Dorset coast.  The Alexander was not a regular East India Company vessel, but a Bombay trader hired on Company business; what they call a ‘Bombay Country Ship. [1]  It was a … Read Article