Great Lakes Steamer – (Clarke: GPS; 50 21.068N; 03 06.000W) Torpedoed by a German Submarine. NIL.


2,019 Ton Steamship – Dive Dorset: 105 p94: GPS; 50 37.43N; 02 33.39W. Panels from the wreck were once in the Golden Lion Pub in Weymouth. Weymouth Library Pamphlet No. L769.942331.PY1. Photo Weymouth & Portland Museums (Also LARN) Captain J. Campbell. General Cargo. Off Langton Herring, Chesil Beach. The entire crew of twenty seven, three … Read Article


Norwegian Steamship – Captain O. Amble. Cargo COAL. (Clarke: GPS; 50 27.30N; 02 24.12W.) & (LARN) – Scuttled by German Submarine, 4 miles off Portland Bill. Refs. Allied, Neutral & Central Merchant Shipping Losses WW1: p105; Lloyd’s Register: 1915-16 No. 208(V) & LCWLR: WW1, p131.


Armed? Argentine Steamship [27M] – See EMPIRE CRUSADER in LARN – Anvil Point (Clarke: GPS 50 36.60N; 01 43.60W) Torpedoed and sunk by German Submarine UB-59. Refs. Allied, Neutral & Central Merchant Shipping Losses WW1: p56 & LCWLR: WW1, p309.


British Merchant Steamship [50M] – Captain L. S. Scott. Cargo, Bulk Flour. (LARN) & (Dive Dorset: 152 p117), (Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland: Ed5 Wk No. 71 & Ed 4 p35 Wk 28) – 50 23.68N; 02 24.42W. Torpedoed and sunk by German Submarine U-84; six crew were killed. (Clarke: GPS:50 23.70N, 02 24.46W) Sank … Read Article


Swedish Steamship Cargo COAL. [46M] – (Clarke: GPS; 50 28.18N; 03 00.57W) Torpedoed by German Submarine UB-104, Oberleutnant Bieber on route to Penarth, S Wales. Refs. LARN South Devon 1918; Allied, Neutral & Central Merchant Shipping Losses WW1: p121; Dive South Cornwall: p53 & MOD(N) Hyd. Wk. No. 013304045.


Times: Wednesday, June 25, 1890, Issue 33047 – “A serious disaster occurred in the English Channel yesterday afternoon, causing the loss of of a large sailing ship and five lives. During a dense fog the screw steamer Umbilo, bound from Natal for London with a general cargo and passengers, ran into the barque Ethel, Captain … Read Article


Norwegian Steamship [46M] – Captain I. Gaulen. Excellent detail in Dive Dorset: 51 p54: GPS; 50 27.98N; 02 45.14W. Also LARN – Sunk by a German Submarine 9 miles WNW of Portland Bill. Cargo COAL. Allied, Neutral & Central Merchant Shipping Losses WW1: p104. & LCWLR: WW1, p152.


Steamship (Detail mainly in Farr: p99) – Went ashore 1 mile NW of St Alban’s Head in the vicinity of Houns-Tout cliff. After efforts to tow her off, the vessel became a total wreck. The entire crew were saved. Other refs. Burnett: p52 & Lloyd’s Register: 1939-40 No. 35609(T)


Steamship – Captain E. Gournay. Cargo, Fish. (LARN) Wreck at Clay Ope, towed away and broken up in Castletown, Portland. See Times