Reynolds News November 28th 1937 Coaster [46M] – Detail in Dive Dorset: 108 p95: GPS; 50 26.80N; 02 32.50W. – SW of Portland Bill. Ex SHELLDRAKE & Ex GLENMOR. Bell recovered. NIL


Steamship coaster [68M] – (Clarke: GPS; 50 06.897N; 01 38.730W) Scuttled by German Submarine U-18, Commander Oberleutnant Nelmeyer. NIL Bell as recovered    


Handfast Point, near Studland Bay [17M]. Captain B. G. Visser. Cargo COAL. (Clarke: Bow GPS; 50 38.84N; 01 52.56W Stern GPS; 50 38.80N; 01 52.50W) Dutch Coaster Hit mine. 6 Dutch crew and 2 English DEM’s (?) Gunners killed. Dive Dorset: 279 p195 & Lloyds War Losses: WW2, p471.


Dutch Coaster. [48M] Cargo China Clay. Good detail in Dive Dorset: 191 p144, & Clarke: has a small photograph: GPS; 50 22.89N; 02 13.61W – Sank following a collision with M.V. FAVORIET. (More detail in LARN) – 17 miles SE of Portland Bill. Ref. Lloyd’s Casualty Returns: 1961(b) p6. Evertsen Dived July 2009. The hull … Read Article


Coaster [37M] Off Anvil Point. (Clarke: GPS; 50 34.83N; 01 56.10W) Cargo COAL. Crew drowned. The bell with the old name was recovered. Dictionary of Disaster at Sea: p132. & Lloyd’s Casualty Returns: 1926 No.6872(N).


880 ton Coaster [24M] – (Clarke: GPS: 50 37.00N; 01 48.84W) Nearer Devon. NIL