Dutch Coaster. [48M] Cargo China Clay. Good detail in Dive Dorset: 191 p144, & Clarke: has a small photograph: GPS; 50 22.89N; 02 13.61W – Sank following a collision with M.V. FAVORIET. (More detail in LARN) – 17 miles SE of Portland Bill. Ref. Lloyd’s Casualty Returns: 1961(b) p6.


Dived July 2009.
The hull is upright in the stern and central area with a slight list to
starboard. Much of the upper hull appears to have rotted away leaving the lower hull frames and some plating. The engine is in situ aft and some of the associated machinery lies on the port side seabed. The rudder is displaced to the port side with no sign of the propeller. The depth here is 49m. Close by another large part of the hull is completely upside down. The bilge keel can be seen. The seabed is of stones and gravel

Telegraph recovered from the wreck

Day of Loss: 24

Month of Loss: 6

Year of Loss: 1961

Longitude: 50 22.89

Latitude: 02 13.61

Approximate Depth: 48