Steam Tug – Was at Grid Reference SZ 007915. Hole’s Bay, Poole. LARN. LSWC: p13 (Photograph) Ref. not found.


Tug – (LARN) Capsized and sank in 30 metres, 12 miles E of Anvil Point. Swanage life boat THOMAS MARKBY rescued the crew. Ref. Western Morning News: 06/12/1946.


British Tug salvaging the TREVEAL [9M] – Captain C. Pavey. (Dive Dorset: 207 p153 & Clarke: GPS 50 35.17N; 02 04.90W) & (LARN) – St Alban’s Head near Kimmeridge Ledges. Valuable diving equipment lost. Refs. Legg: p45; Southern Times: 01/04/1922; & Dor. Mag: 1975 No.49 p30.


Tug trying to free the PREVAZA – Detail and photographs also in LePard: pages 112 & 114). NIL.


Tug – Captain R. Burns. (LARN, VLI.) St Alban’s Head. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn 1898 Appx. C Table 1 p112.


Times: Tuesday, December 3, 1867, Issue 25984 – Extreme Gales Weymouth & Portland. Barque Alice Graham, Captain Morgan with Pig Iron ashore at Warbarrow. Towed into Portland Harbour by the Commodore, Steam Tug. Steamer Don, blown ashore, rescued and brought into Weymouth Harbour. Ship Incidents.


  HMS BUCCANEER. Armed Admiralty Tug [43M] – Dive Dorset: 63 p59: GPS; 50 29.37N; 02 41.70W & (LARN) – While towing a target for gunnery practice by a new destroyer HMS ST JAMES a 4.5 inch shell hit the HMS BUCCANEER. Photograph of the crew c.1942. Alexander Rose the Chief Petty Officer holding the … Read Article


Launch – (LARN, VLI.) – New Pier, Portland. Ref. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1897 Appx. C Table 1 p140.  See also Times: Times:  Thursday, March 4, 1897, Issue 35142 – Portland, Dorset, March 3 – Tug Alert parted from her mooring and drove on pier and sunk.  Barge Thistle parted from the quay and has grounded.  … Read Article