HMS SARGASSO. Armed Yacht/Minesweeper [35M] – (LARN) – Hired as a danlayer in October 1939, Hit mine and sunk 10.5 miles ESE of Anvil Point. SRN: Vol. 2, p321. & British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW2, p28.


Pleasure Yacht found on the seabed. – [46M] (LARN, VLI.) – 5.2 miles ESE of Portland Bill. Ref. MOD(N) Hyd. Wk. No. 013402924.

PICKLE of Weymouth

Times: Monday, September 23, 1872, Issue 27489 – Two gentlemen Captain Watts, of Argyle Terrace, and Captain Stone of Hill House joint owners of a Pleasure Yacht Pickle were drowned in a gale. MMI. Inquest Issue 27490 Ship Incident “An accident occurred in Weymouth Bay on Saturday, about noon, by which two gentlemen, named Captain … Read Article


Steam Yacht – [24M] (LARN, VLI.) – 17 miles SW Portland Bill.


Pleasure Yacht – (LARN) – Explosion probably due to Butane Gas – 9 miles SW of Portland Bill. Ref. Lloyds List: 197/315, 16/08/1969.


Western Daily Press – Saturday 01 October 1977 Stolen Motor Yacht – (LARN) – Ended up on Chesil Beach. It is uncertain whether the thief survived or not! Sunday Express: 20/11/1977.


Pleasure Boat MANDATOR returning from France hits the Portland Breakwater at speed. The craft was salvaged. A group of local Weymouth businessmen returning from France set the Auto Pilot and GPS to return to Weymouth. They apparently set the course without taking account of the position of the Portland Harbour wall. On approaching Weymouth there … Read Article


Yacht – (LARN, VLI) – St Alban’s Head. Check the Southern Times: 18/09/1937.


Modern Yacht which foundered off Portland Bill. Captain J. R. S. Hawker. (LePard: pages 78 & 79) – Detail in Dive Dorset: 81 p80; Shore dive @ SY 677 682. Weymouth Library Photo L910.4. RELE.1 (Also LARN, VLI.)


Cutter/Yacht – Captain Strickland. Details in LARN; DCP: 31/10/1887, [Southern Times – Special Edition 31/10/1887] & Dor. Mag: 1975 No.49, p47. – Portland Breakwater. Two survivors. Check to see if DCP is DCC. See also Times The Laureate – 1887 Taken from Shipwrecks by M. Attwooll, p52. “A year after the fortunate escape of the … Read Article