Barque – (LARN) – Broadhope Ledge, Portland. Good Local Story. The cargo is listed as Cargo COAL, however additional cargo is believed to be Cargo RAILROAD IRON and Cargo FIRE BRICKS. The hull was brought by a John Way. Eleven seamen were sent to their homes by Mr R. Damon of the Shipwrecked Mariners Society. Larn relates a story, possibly from DCC: 30/01/1868. “There is a story told on Portland in Weston or Southwell, regarding the expression still used; ‘stick to the pork, Archie’, which came as a result of this wreck. As the BANK started to break up, barrels of pickled pork, provided for use by the crew, started to float clear. Samuel Archie, a local inhabitant, plunged into the sea after them, whilst his wife Molly kept shouting at him from the cliff “stick to the pork Archie, never mind anything else, stick to the pork!”

Day of Loss: 28

Month of Loss: 1

Year of Loss: 1868



Approximate Depth:

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