Her master took a lot of persuading to heave to, the submarine repeatedly fired shots across her bow. Finally she stopped and was boarded by a crew from submarine U-2, charges were placed and she went straight down. Bayonne’s crew were allowed to board the ships boat and the submarine gave them a tow towards the French coast. A rather bizarre incident involved the Germans taking stores from Bayonne and issuing a receipt to the master!

French Steel Sailing Vessel – Captain Thoumise. Cargo, Maize & Barley [61M] (Clarke: GPS; 50 15.49N; 02 50.14W)

Refs. LARN South Devon 1917; LCWLR: WW1 p95 & Lloyd’s Register: 1914-15 No. 56(B). World War One channel wrecks Maw 8/4

Day of Loss: 17

Month of Loss: 2

Year of Loss: 1917

Longitude: 50 15.49

Latitude: 02 50.14

Approximate Depth: 61