BRIGHTON of Weymouth

Times: Monday, January 31, 1887, Issue 31983 – On Saturday a telegram was received from Guernsey announcing the total wreck of the Brighton of Weymouth, steamer, one of the boats belonging to the Weymouth and Channel Islands Steam Packet Company. The steamer left Weymouth at midnight on Friday, under the command of Captain Painter, with 22 passengers, mails, and a general cargo, but during dense fog on Saturday morning, about 6 o’clock, she ran on a rock off the North Coast Island, Guernsey, and sank, the passengers and crew being saved by the boats and landed in Guernsey. The steamer has gone down in deep water, and it is feared that the mails will not be recovered. The Brighton, which is the largest of the company’s boats, has been crossing the Channel ever since the traffic between Weymouth and the Channel Islands was opened some 30 years ago, and this is the first boat which they have lost. She was a good sea-boat of 316 tons gross tonnage. Ship Incident of a Local Vessel

Day of Loss: 31

Month of Loss: 1

Year of Loss: 1887



Approximate Depth: