DCC: 04/03/1869 “During the last few days the carcases of several bullocks have been washed on shore in this neighbourhood. On Wednesday, the 17th, two were cast up at St. Alban’s Head, three at Kimmeridge, and one at Langton. On Thursday, the 18th, three bullocks and a hog were washed on shore at Worbarrow; on the 25th one was found at Clay Hope, Portland. The whole of these were buried in quicklime at the different places where they were found by the coastguard. As these bullocks all came on shore minus their heads it is feared they must have been tethered in the hold of some vessel which has foundered in the channel during the late gales, and that a continual washing about in the wreck wrenched their heads from the trunks, when they floated and came on shore. Seven more have come on shore at St. Alban’s Head, six of them marked respectively on right rump vi., xxx., xxxi., xxxii., xxxiii., and xxxxxi. Evidently a steamer employed in the Spanish cattle trade has gone down during the late gales. Transcribed by KVS NIL.

Day of Loss: 0

Month of Loss: 2

Year of Loss: 1869



Approximate Depth: