Schooner – (LARN) Of interest! Cargo STONE, sank at anchor, crew saved. Divers employed to get up cargo, after which the hull was weighed, floated into shallow water and abandoned. Portland Roads. Admiralty Wk. Rtn. 1853 p48-49

SCHOONER SUNK – At an early hour on Saturday
morning last, the Charlotte, a small schooner lying at
anchor in Portland Roads, sunk in about ten fathoms of
water. The vessel was deeply laden with stone, and the wind
being exceedingly rough and the sea heavy, the schooner
rolled and pitched to such a degree that she shipped
wave after wave, which soon caused her to fill. The
crew were on board at the time she commenced sinking,
but were happily in sufficient time to save themselves in
their boat. The schooner is still lying in the same state,
her rigging being visible from the crosstrees upwards.
We are not aware that any attempt has yet been made to
raise her.
– The Southern Times, Weymouth, Saturday, September 17, 1853


Day of Loss: 9

Month of Loss: 9

Year of Loss: 1853



Approximate Depth: