COWES SHIP? [1780] – Reference in ‘Companion into Dorset’ p.175. “The terror and grandeur of Cave or Keeve’s Hole. A dome-like passage it is, perforated at the top, and reaching inland; when a storm from the south-east blows the sea into it, a large column of water is forced up several feet through the hole. The opening is widest at the summit; it narrows to seven or eight feet, then opens out again into a large subterraneous cavern, fifty feet square, twenty feet deep. So large is it that in a fierce storm, small sailing craft have been driven in and seen from above through the hole. Once in 1780 a Cowes ship of forty tons was forced in. In the west part are two caverns to which no end has ever been found.” NIL.

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Year of Loss: 1780



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