ZENOBIA 30 to 40 gun French Frigate/ Armed Privateer? – Captain Defagas. (LARN) – Chesil Beach, near Wyke House [May be worth Research] Eight men died, Seventy one of her crew and passengers struggled ashore only to be stripped and robbed by the locals. Although we were at war, King George III was so disgusted … Read Article


Dutch? Sailing Vessel – On shore on Portland Beach all crew saved, but “Banditti of the Coast cut and carried away her mast in the night” (LARN) – Captain Smith. Ref. cited Lloyds List: No. 1438: 14/02/1783.


Norwegian Sailing Vessel – Cargo, Salt. (LARN) – Portland Beach. Crew saved Lloyds List: No. 1367: 30/12/1748.


Naval Transport – See ‘Christian’s Fleet by Edwina Boult, ISBN 0-7524-2783-0. (The Times Newspaper: Monday 23/11/1795 Check?) No lives reported lost. Chapman’s Pool, Isle of Purbeck. Carrying Naval Stores. Captain John Thorn. Check refs. Lloyds List: No. 269? & 2770: 24/11/ 1795 & Dor. Mag: 1975 No. 48 p10. Check PITT


Sailing Vessel – Captain Storey. Cargo COAL. (LARN, VLI.) – Portland Bill. Try ref. Sh. Merc: 03/1798.


Captain William Spicer. Studland Bay. Ref. Sh. Merc: 20/11/1758.


Naval Transport – (See ‘Christian’s Fleet by Edwina Boult, ISBN 0-7524-2783-0. Particularly p 115 to 117) (LARN) – Chesil Beach, off Fleet. (Dor. Mag; 1975 No. 48) “The master, Major Kent and his son Adjutant Crayton, Messrs Sutherland and Sheddick, five women, 81 troops and seamen lost. Mr. Dafly, surgeon, and 16 men only saved.” … Read Article


Sailing Vessel – Captain Keir. (LARN) – Chesil Cove. Note: “The THREE RELATIONS, CONCORD and the RODNEY all lost on Portland Beach. Crew saved” Report does not specifically say all crews? Four ships were lost this day? The other was DE TRENDE SODIKENDE. Ref. Lloyds List: No. 4002: 27/09/1799.


Sailing Vessel – (LARN) Captain Brown. – Chesil Beach, off Fleet. (See mention in ‘Christian’s Fleet by Edwina Boult, ISBN: 0-7524-2783-0. p 119/120) ” Those lost included the captain, his son, the surgeon, seven seamen, a young male passenger and three female passengers. The saved were two seamen and a male passenger named Smyth. The … Read Article


110 ton Belgian Brigantine – References cited, Dor. Mag; No. 58 & Sh. Merc: 05/02/1781. – Cargo COAL. Near Bexington, Chesil Beach.