DEVONIA [31/01/1884] – Steamer DEVONIA in collision with DARLINGTON. Report in the DCCs: 07/02/1884 & 14/02/1884. NIL.

Report in the DCC:07/02/1884 & DCC:14/02/1884. “Collision Between Two Steamers – On Thursday morning a report was spread two steamers had been in collision off the Breakwater, and that one of them was in danger of foundering. The message was brought by a boat’s crew from Portland, who, observing a signal of distress flying from one of the steamers, had gone out. As soon as possible the QUEEN tug was got in readiness to render assistance, but before she could reach the scene the BREAKWATER steamer, a small tug, and Collins’ and Co’s screw tender had proceeded to the help of the disabled steamer, and were endeavouring to tow her into a place of safety. They were not, however, powerful enough for the work, and, after trying for some time ineffectually to save the steamer, the services of the Weymouth tug were accepted, and soon after getting her hawser on board, she took the steamer in tow and landed her on the hard off Passage Bar. The colliding vessels proved to be the screw steamer DEVONIA, 1397 gross tonnage and 140 horse power, laden with coal from Newcastle for Alexandria, owned by the Devonia Steam Shipping Company (Limited), and the screw steamer DARLINGTON, 1990 gross tonnage, and 250 horse power, in ballast from Antwerp for Cardiff and owned by Mr. W. Milburn, jun., London. It appears at half-past three in the morning the DEVONIA was at Anchor off the Breakwater, and during a somewhat thick haze the DARLINGTON from seawards came in seeking the shelter of the roadstead, In so doing she ran into the DEVONIA, striking her about midships, making a breach in her side so that in a few minutes her engine-room and boiler space were flooded, and so imminent appeared the danger of her going at once to the bottom her crew made a hasty escape on board the DARLINGTON, where they remained during the morning until daybreak. The colliding vessel received no serious damage. As soon as the DEVONIA was beached Messrs. Cosens and Co. were employed to patch up the breach in her side as far as possible so as to enable her to float.

DCC:14/02/1884; The Late Collision – the steamer DEVONIA which was beached to prevent her foundering in Portland Roads through a collision arrived at Southampton on Sunday for repairs.

Day of Loss: 31

Month of Loss: 1

Year of Loss: 1884



Approximate Depth: