Dutch Steamship – (LARN) – (Detail and photograph in LePard: pages 134 & 135) This ship was re-floated only to hit a mine and sink in the North Sea a year later.


Dorothea ashore Chesil Beach  the cargo was offloaded and on a favourable tide the ship was re-floated with the help of tugs and baulks of timber placed under her keel. On 07/12/1915 the DOROTHEA (renamed IGNIS) was sunk by a mine  about 5 miles NE of Aldeburgh. 


1 – Farr: p79 has a photograph from the Eric Latcham collection. “The salvage vessel LYONS standing by S.S. DOROTHEA, stranded on Chesil Beach in February 1914.
2 – Lloyd’s Casualty Returns 1914 p7g.
3 – DDS: p50.
4 – TRIM p15.

Day of Loss: 14

Month of Loss: 2

Year of Loss: 1914



Approximate Depth: