Norwegian Steamship [32M] – Captain T. L. Storaas. Cargo COAL. (Clarke: GPS; 50 30.10N; 03 15.29W) Torpedoed and sunk by German Submarine UB-40, Oberleutnant Howaldt. Captain and donkeyman drowned but 14 were saved and landed at Brixham. Refs. Lloyd’s Register: 1915-16 No. 166(G); British Merchant Ships sunk by U-Boats: WW1, p237; British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW1, p71; Devon Shipwrecks: 1974 p164; Dive South Cornwall: p52 & LCWLR: 191 missing text in Larn?

Day of Loss: 25

Month of Loss: 10

Year of Loss: 1917

Longitude: 50 30.10

Latitude: 03 15.29

Approximate Depth: 32

Aliases, aka: GEFION