Schooner – DCC: 11/02/1869, “The brigantine HENRY & DORA, of Aberystwyth, John Thomas, master, struck on the rocks forming the base of the breakwater on Friday last during a fresh breeze from the S.S.E. The crew were taken off by some boats from the shore, and a steamer put out from Weymouth; but, owing to the vessel making so much water it was impossible to get her off. She was, however, stripped, and the masts taken out of her. During the south-westerly gale on Sunday she went to pieces. Captain John Thomas attributed her loss to having ‘missed stays’? in consequence of the light winds. The shipwrecked crew were sent to their homes in Llanelli by Mr Damon, agent of the Shipwrecked Mariner’s Society at Weymouth, (Detail also in LARN) – Portland Breakwater.

Work is currently under weigh to research further details of Mountain Lass and her sister ship, Henry and Dora 1849 – 1869 as background to the rebuild project. The original Mountain Lass was 74.4′ Long, 22.4′ Beam, 11.1′ Deep and 107 Tons (ULW).

The brigantine ‘Henry and Dora’ was built in 1849 by the brothers John and Henry Harries. The following appeared in a contemporary newspaper of 1849: ‘The brigantine ‘Henry and Dora’ was launched in the presence of hundreds of spectators. A beautiful model, and appears a very fast sailer and is intended for the Mediterranean and Baltic trade. David Rees, commander’. David Rees (1822-1885) was the son of Jenkin Rees, master mariner of the Sailors Arms, Aberaeron. Source: ‘Aberayron 1971 Exhibition of Paintings of Sailing Ships and Ships Equipment by Gwilym M. Jones’

Painting of the ship ‘Henry and Dora’ which sailed from Aberaeron harbour


Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester Telegram 11/02/1869
Southern Times: 07/02/1869 & 13/02/1869
DCC: 11/02/1869
LR: 1866 No.292(H)
Larn, 1869

Day of Loss: 5

Month of Loss: 2

Year of Loss: 1869



Approximate Depth: