Early on Saturday morning the North German Lloyd mail steamer Dresden, bound from Bremen to Baltimore, ran into and sank, off Portland Point, the coasting brigantine Annie Herris, and four of the crew of the latter vessel were drowned. The sailing ship was on a voyage from Swansea to West Hartlepool, and at the time … Read Article


Brigantine – Captain W. J. Cambury. Cargo COAL. (LARN) – Sank following a collision with the German S.S. STUTTGART, 8 miles off Portland Bill. Refs. BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1895 Appx. C Table 1 p148: Lloyd’s Casualty Returns: 1895 p10(d) & Lloyd’s Register: 1891-2 No. 396(W).


Brig – Captain Jameson drowned, mate Thomas Parker saved. Coastguard crew headed by Lt Prior R. N. Crewman Owen Lloyd received the Institution’s silver medal and other members received money. Lulworth Cove, wreck long gone. Refs. LARN; Dor. Mag: 1976, No.50, p18. & Farr: p37. “


Brig – (LARN) – Portland, Blacknor Rocks. William Flann a Coastguard man, saved four from the wreck by climbing on the rocks and helping them ashore, for which he received an RNLI award. Refs. Weymouth Telegram: 07/03/1850(1861?) p4; RNLI Records 1850 & BOT: HR. 1849-60 p115.


110 ton Belgian Brigantine – References cited, Dor. Mag; No. 58 & Sh. Merc: 05/02/1781. – Cargo COAL. Near Bexington, Chesil Beach.


Burton Beach. Check with Dorchester Museum. NIL 1837 November 23rd: Systrarne, (two-masted sailing brig) Swedish, wrecked off Burton Bradstock. 4 drowned, 3 saved. The ship’s steward, Olaff Bjorkholm, is buried in Burton Bradstock and an entry in the Burial Register records the wreck. See Below. This photo is of a piece of wreckage found on … Read Article


Brig – Captain John Anderson. Cargo GRANITE. – Enquiry held in Sunderland noted that the vessel was un-seaworthy. Crew saved the boat was run ashore on Hook Sands, near Poole Harbour. Ref. BOT: Enquiry 1873 Pt VI Table 42 p125(361).


Brig (LARN) Good Story? Captain listed as Wilson. Ref. cited Western Temperance Luminary: Wreck List. – Kimmeridge Ledges. “overset in the Saint Alban’s Race, drove ashore bottoms up. Twelve hogsheads and five pipes of oil were saved. A Mr Ratts Bayley got one pipe and four hogsheads, but these were taken from him by force. … Read Article


French Brig – Wrecked on the Chesil Beach with the loss of her entire crew and five brave Portland men who tried in vain to save them. (Fleming: p18) Needs further local research. NIL


Brigantine – Captain H. F. Hines. Crew abandoned the vessel after being hit 3 times by gunfire from a German Submarine, 9 miles S by E, Beer Head. Vessel was sunk by scuttling charges. Survivors were picked up and landed at Brixham. Refs. LCWLR: WW1, p206; British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW1, p84; Lloyd’s Register: … Read Article