LITTLE MYSTERY Schooner – Captain J. H. Greet. Cargo COAL. (Good detail in LARN) ” Carrying 168 tons of cargo was stopped by an unidentified German Submarine at 7 a.m., when the enemy vessel went alongside and her Commander fired several shots at the crew with his pistol, wounding one man in the arm. The crew immediately abandoned ship and she was boarded by the enemy who looted her and sank her using scuttling charges. She went down at 9.45 a.m.. An hour later, a patrol vessel arrived and attacked the submarine, then picked up the survivors, including the wounded man, and landed them at Weymouth.” 25 miles SSE Portland Bill. Refs. LCWLR: WW1, p126; British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW1, p47; PRO: Kew. Adm. 137/2961 & Lloyd’s Register: 1917-18 No. 186(L)

Day of Loss: 30

Month of Loss: 4

Year of Loss: 1917



Approximate Depth: