London West Indiaman homeward bound from St Vincent’s – (LARN & Farr:p32) – ‘Lost near the Fleet House? Chesil Beach? Captain Thomas Scott & sixteen seamen, Mrs Marden, her two daughters, a lady, a doctor and a young man passenger all lost, only one survived. Cargo of Rum & Sugar. Refs. Lloyds List: No. 2975: 19/12/1795.

Times: Thursday, December 28, 1797, Issue 4078. Excellent Historical Story

Times: Thursday, December 28, 1797, Issue 4078 – ” Private letters received from the neighbourhood of the spot where the Marquis of Worcester, West Indiaman was unfortunately lost, describe the anxiety of the persons on shore in witnessing that horrible sight. A letter from Burton, in Dorsetshire, of the 23rd instant contains the following account:- You have no doubt heard of the the loss of the Marquis of Worcester, West Indiaman, and that every soul on board perished excepting one seaman, who was brought on shore alive, but is since dead of his bruises. Among other passengers were Mrs. Morden and her three daughters, Mr. Barrow, a medical Gentleman, and a lady, whose name is not known. The bodies of a lady and girl were thrown on shore on Burton Beach, and by the brutal direction of Mr. B. buried in the sand. As soon , however, as this circumstance was known to us, we had them taken up, placed in one coffin, and decently interred in the Church. They appear to be mother mother and daughter. We thought it an act of common humanity to these unfortunate strangers that this last duty should be performed, and a tear shed over their remains; and it will be no small consolation to their friends if they should ever recognise them by the description we can give of there persons, to know that they have been attended to. They are supposed to have been dressed in mourning, as a black silk gown was thrown on the beach, on which, from its size, apparently belonged to the lady. There is also a shift marked B. M. and a very small one marked F. M.” Ship Incident

Day of Loss: 19

Month of Loss: 12

Year of Loss: 1797



Approximate Depth: