Large Sailing Vessel – (LARN) – Portland Beach. Note: Very similar to LA MERCURIA ? This reference comes from Lloyds List. Both refer to similar cargos items e.g. lemons, almonds and raisons. Useful names mentioned in this report are; Wine casks with Faylett & Co. & Louis Borgasse. ‘Havre’ & ‘Ninnick’ carved on a piece of the stern. Refs. Lloyds List: 03: 05; & 10/03/1818. Times, Tuesday, March 5, 1818, Issue 10400 – Mercure de Havre. Here the wine casks are described Ch. Fallon and Co.? Mercure du Havre Times


 London Star 7/03/1818

Day of Loss: 5

Month of Loss: 3

Year of Loss: 1818



Approximate Depth: