Picture of near identical sister ship Dunsley I have searched for years for a picture of Miniota, if anyone can help or point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.

Steamship [65M] – (Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland: p33 JA) & (LARN) – Sunk by German Submarine U-19, 13 miles SW of Portland Bill. (Excellent detail in Clarke: GPS; 50 03.42N; 02 29.15W) Talk to Grahame Knott. Very interesting history. Known as the Silver Wreck. Refs. British Merchant Ships sunk by U-Boats: WW1, p37; LCWLR: WW1, p167 & Lloyd’s Register: 1916-17 No. 72(M)(Supp).


Bell recovered bearing her former name Hackness

Day of Loss: 31

Month of Loss: 8

Year of Loss: 1917

Longitude: 50 03.42

Latitude: 02 29.15

Approximate Depth: 65

Aliases, aka: MARIE