OSPREY [10/07/1866]- Steamship – (LARN) – Off Portland. Note: “Vessel foundered early in the morning after being in collision with HMS AMAZON of 1040 tons, a wooden screw sloop armed with 4 guns, on passage from Portsmouth to Halifax, Nova Scotia. THE OSPREY carried seven passengers and the wife of Captain Burtridge, his son and two daughters. The collision took place in the Channel, off Portland, the night being clear and calm. The steamship which was making 8.5 knots, was cut in two and sank within minutes, most of her crew and passengers being rescued by the boats of the warship. The ten persons lost included four female passengers and the captain’s three children. Dictionary of Disaster at Sea: Vol. 2. p532; Lloyds List: 10/07/1866(R) & Lloyd’s Register: 1866 No. 231(O).

Day of Loss: 10

Month of Loss: 7

Year of Loss: 1866



Approximate Depth: