Cargo/Passenger Liner bound for Natal – (Good detail in Dive Dorset: 205, p152) GPS; 50 35.23N; 02 05.61W. Captain Paynter. General Cargo. Some detail in LARN, but also check the Bournemouth Guardian & Dictionary of Disaster at Sea: Vol. 2 p537. The vessel was stranded for some time on the Kimmeridge Ledge. The 35 crew & passengers were saved with difficulty. Could be a good story to complete. Salvage work kept the local workforce busy for sometime. Refs. Lloyds List: 15;18;20;21;25;27 & 29/05/1886. Farr: p86.

Times: Wednesday, May 19, 1886, Issue 31763 – “The Palala, steamer from London, for Port Natal, previously reported from Weymouth, ashore on the Kimmeridge Ledge, lies about three miles westward from St Alban’s Head, stern to the sea, about a mile from the cliff. The sea is breaking over her. The vessel is apparently full of water. Impossible to board her at present.” Ship Incident

Day of Loss: 15

Month of Loss: 5

Year of Loss: 1886

Longitude: 50 35.23

Latitude: 02 05.61

Approximate Depth: