Schooner – Captain J. Williams. Cargo COAL. According to LARN its PALLAS in Board of Trade Records & PALACE in the DCC and Southern Times. This gale was reported as storm force 10 hurricane; a total of four sailing ships were recorded in these reports. The Coastguards recovered 13 bodies that were washed ashore. The PALLAS had been built a few months earlier for £650 – Studland Bay, Poole. References; DCC: 17/02/1866(R); Southern Times: 17/02/1866 p100 col. 4; Weymouth, Portland & Dorchester Telegram: 15/02.1866 & BOT: Wk. Rtn. 1866 p30. 1866 Gale See Pallas of Weymouth Times 13/02/1866

Times: Tuesday, February 13, 1866, Issue 25420 – Small boat marked Pallas of Weymouth picked up at Poole. Ship Incident

Day of Loss: 11

Month of Loss: 2

Year of Loss: 1866



Approximate Depth:

Aliases, aka: PALACE