French Chasse-Maree – (LARN) – Netherfield, Isle of Portland. ? Master & Boy drowned but only the Masters son recovered. Refs. DCC: 09/12/1830. & Dor. Mag; 1976 No. 50 p19. Times: December 7, 1830 – The French Galliot SOPHIE, of Nantes, Jaques Fromentin Master, last from Camaret, nears Brest, which port she left on Friday 3rd, loaded with wheat and beans for Dunkirk was driven on the rocks of this island during last night, and almost immediately went to pieces. The crew consisted of four persons, two of whom (the Mater and a Cabin Boy, Pierre Malbert) perished, and two seamen, Pierre Roillant and Jean Gonbert were saved. That excellent Officer Lieutenant Umfreville of the Preventive Service, hastened to the spot with his crew, but found the whole of the cargo irretrievably lost. He brought the two seamen who survived to the Castle of Governor Penn by whom, it is needless to say, they were received and treated with the utmost hospitality and kindness. While I am writing this, new is brought that the body of the Master had drifted a shore.

Day of Loss: 6

Month of Loss: 12

Year of Loss: 1830



Approximate Depth: