Deeper Dorset website Guru Paul Smith with ships bell after the wreck was located and first dived After some spit and polish Chasseur no7 was reported sunk by E boats on October 11th or 12th 1942, in the English channel.


ZENOBIA 30 to 40 gun French Frigate/ Armed Privateer? – Captain Defagas. (LARN) – Chesil Beach, near Wyke House [May be worth Research] Eight men died, Seventy one of her crew and passengers struggled ashore only to be stripped and robbed by the locals. Although we were at war, King George III was so disgusted … Read Article


Naval Transport – See ‘Christian’s Fleet by Edwina Boult, ISBN 0-7524-2783-0. (The Times Newspaper: Monday 23/11/1795 Check?) No lives reported lost. Chapman’s Pool, Isle of Purbeck. Carrying Naval Stores. Captain John Thorn. Check refs. Lloyds List: No. 269? & 2770: 24/11/ 1795 & Dor. Mag: 1975 No. 48 p10. Check PITT


An Admiralty hired drift netter; No. 2171. Nature of loss not recorded. St Alban’s Head. (LARN, VLI.) Ref. ADM.APV. 1919


HMS WARRIOR II. Requisitioned Luxury 1000 ton Yacht [54M] – (Excellent detail in Dive Dorset: 194 p146 – 50 21.56N; 02 12.23W) – Bombed and sunk by German Aircraft in WW2 having survived WW1. There is a single gun mounted on the bow. 13 miles SE of Portland Bill she lies in 60 metres. Other … Read Article


Naval Transport – (See ‘Christian’s Fleet by Edwina Boult, ISBN 0-7524-2783-0. Particularly p 115 to 117) (LARN) – Chesil Beach, off Fleet. (Dor. Mag; 1975 No. 48) “The master, Major Kent and his son Adjutant Crayton, Messrs Sutherland and Sheddick, five women, 81 troops and seamen lost. Mr. Dafly, surgeon, and 16 men only saved.” … Read Article


Armed? Argentine Steamship [27M] – See EMPIRE CRUSADER in LARN – Anvil Point (Clarke: GPS 50 36.60N; 01 43.60W) Torpedoed and sunk by German Submarine UB-59. Refs. Allied, Neutral & Central Merchant Shipping Losses WW1: p56 & LCWLR: WW1, p309.


See LARN, 1944 A late Type V11C Submarine, sunk by Allied bombs. [51M] (Clarke: GPS; 50 24.70N; 02 26.00W) The U-Boat.


U-672 [18/07/1944] See The U-Boat


Early on the morning of 08/01/1919, the surrendered German Submarine U-143 grounded on the Hook Sands during a southerly gale, and as daylight came she was seen surrounded by broken water with seas frequently sweeping over her. She had been on her way to Japan as an item of war reparations., escorted by the Japanese … Read Article