Swedish Steamship [14M] – Detail in Dive Dorset: 134 p108: GPS; 50 30.97N, 02 25.60W. – Quarter of a mile SE Cave Hole, Portland. Bell recovered with the name SUDIAN  Refs. LARN; & MOD(N) Hyd. Wk. No. 013403333.

Lots of confusion about this wreck but sure it is the SS Thira 253 tons which foundered off the east side of Portland after leaving Weymouth harbour bound for Alexandria. The engine room flooded and pumps failed, crew were brought ashore by Portland tug pilot.

Captain James McLaren.


Day of Loss: 6

Month of Loss: 1

Year of Loss: 1946

Longitude: 50 30.97

Latitude: 02 25.60

Approximate Depth: 14