Sailing Vessel – (LARN) Captain Brown. – Chesil Beach, off Fleet. (See mention in ‘Christian’s Fleet by Edwina Boult, ISBN: 0-7524-2783-0. p 119/120) ” Those lost included the captain, his son, the surgeon, seven seamen, a young male passenger and three female passengers. The saved were two seamen and a male passenger named Smyth. The THOMAS was travelling in convoy with the fleet.
Note: 234 bodies were found on the Chesil after the tragic night of 17-18 November, and the total number drowned was probably much higher. The officers and women who died were buried in the churchyard at Wyke Regis, but the 208 soldiers and sailors lost from the six wrecked ships lie in graves now unmarked on the landward side of the beach” Dor. Mag; 1975 No. 48, p10.

Day of Loss: 20

Month of Loss: 11

Year of Loss: 1795



Approximate Depth: