Closer and closer

Closer and closer 1

As we get back up to speed and one year on from locating the remains of Paul Meyer’s Hercules we can now reveal a little more surrounding the tragic events fifty years ago.

Only as we confirm findings are we prepared to talk in full and it is essential at every stage that we don’t allow the imagination to run away or take a guess at something. The minute we do that we become also rans that have contributed to the ongoing conspiracies and the rumour mill. With that in mind we sought expert help that confirms the wreckage is indeed from a Hercules and at no stage have we relied on just one witness to anything. As folks have come forward we have sought independent verification at every point, which is without doubt the toughest part of this project.

When we located the wreck it was apparent that although substantial, there was a large amount missing. The initial thinking was trawling had dispersed the wreck but that was soon disproved. As we studied the videos It became obvious that something much more clinical had taken place and in fact the aircraft had been broken apart not long after it arrived on the seabed. We believe we now know how the aircraft was located after the crash and now fully understand how the aircraft was dismantled. We also have two eye witness accounts that have given us a very good description of what was recovered from the Channel. One of those witnesses gave an account of what the sonar and video footage revealed was down there, but at no time had we shared what we knew with them.

We are most certainly getting somewhere and can say that although Paul’s family were told by the USAF that the aircraft had broken up on impact, and that after 72 hours the search ended and that if anything changed they would be informed, we now know they were not told the truth.

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  1. As I’ve become older I’ve become more cynical of government. I now know I have good reason for it. Thank you. We’re getting there!

  2. I’ve been fascinated with this story since I was 15, and read an intriguing article in Private Eye by their ace investigative reporter Paul Foot. He wrote it weeks after the incident, casting doubt on the official version of events. Are you aware of this?

    • Yes Martin an unbelievable story with many twists and turns. We have the copy of Private Eye telling of secret equipment onboard and one or two other flights of fancy however as always there is an element of truth mixed within yet another conspiracy theory. thanks for your interest and please keep watching we are getting there.


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