Closer and closer 3

Closer and closer

As we get back up to speed and one year on from locating the remains of Paul Meyer’s Hercules we can now reveal a little more surrounding the tragic events fifty years ago. Only as we confirm findings are we prepared to talk in full and it is essential at every stage that we don’t … Read Article


Closer To The Truth

One aspect of the Paul Meyer story has always puzzled us. Paul was in the air a danger to all on the ground, so could anyone seriously try to talk him down with the massive risks of safely landing a 60 ton aircraft involved? Getting the Hercules in the air is one thing but talk … Read Article

Aircraft Projects

It isn’t just shipwrecks that we look for and investigate, there are many incredible stories involving aircraft lost in the Dorset sea area. Having spent the last few years concentrating on pre 1850 shipwreck sites that often consist only of anchors and cannons it is time for a change and with the exception of our … Read Article