ZENOBIA 30 to 40 gun French Frigate/ Armed Privateer? – Captain Defagas. (LARN) – Chesil Beach, near Wyke House [May be worth Research] Eight men died, Seventy one of her crew and passengers struggled ashore only to be stripped and robbed by the locals. Although we were at war, King George III was so disgusted that he arranged for them to be returned to France. They would normally have been imprisoned or forced into service on His Majesties Ships. (Fleming:) & Sherbourne Mercury 18/01/1762. (From VICTORIA HISTORY OF DORSET p.223. “In January, 1762, a French Man of war, the ZENOBIE, was lost on the Chesil; seventy-one of the crew saved themselves, but were robbed and stripped by the natives. The survivors were clothed and sent back to France by order of the king instead of being treated as prisoners of war.”

Day of Loss: 12

Month of Loss: 1

Year of Loss: 1762



Approximate Depth: