Deeper Dorset website Guru Paul Smith with ships bell after the wreck was located and first dived After some spit and polish Chasseur no7 was reported sunk by E boats on October 11th or 12th 1942, in the English channel.


HMS WARRIOR II. Requisitioned Luxury 1000 ton Yacht [54M] – (Excellent detail in Dive Dorset: 194 p146 – 50 21.56N; 02 12.23W) – Bombed and sunk by German Aircraft in WW2 having survived WW1. There is a single gun mounted on the bow. 13 miles SE of Portland Bill she lies in 60 metres. Other … Read Article


See LARN, 1944 A late Type V11C Submarine, sunk by Allied bombs. [51M] (Clarke: GPS; 50 24.70N; 02 26.00W) The U-Boat.


U-672 [18/07/1944] See The U-Boat


The late Alan Dunster with builders plate Coastal Steamship [58M] – (Dive Dorset: 53 p55: GPS; 50 22.60N; 02 44.40W) – Attacked and sunk by German Aircraft, 13 miles WSW of Portland Bill killing 23 crew. (LARN) – Cargo COAL. Only the captain and two crew survived. Refs. Dictionary of Disaster at Sea: Vol. 2, … Read Article


HMS SONA Warship, Anti Submarine Vessel – Converted to an accommodation ship and sunk by German Aircraft in Poole Harbour, moved to Studland Bay with the ABEL TASMAN & PRINSES JULIANA. Ref. SRN: Vol. 2 p336.


HMS SARGASSO. Armed Yacht/Minesweeper [35M] – (LARN) – Hired as a danlayer in October 1939, Hit mine and sunk 10.5 miles ESE of Anvil Point. SRN: Vol. 2, p321. & British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW2, p28.


Steamship, Requisitioned P & O Liner [43M] – Captain A. B. Armitage. General Cargo. (Detail and photographs in Dive Dorset: 58 p56 to 58), (Divers guide; Weymouth & Portland: Ed 5 p32 No. 51) – 50 29.66N; 02 43.02W. Article, Grahame Knott, Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland: Ed. 4, page 25. (Excellent detail also in … Read Article


The eastbound coastal convoy WP-183, escorted by the destroyer Brocklesby was in Lyme Bay between Dartmouth and Portland when the 2nd S-Flottille with 7 E-boats attacked shortly after midnight on July 9-1942. Rosten, on a voyage from Barry (departed Barry Dock on July 7) to Shoreham with coal was torpedoed, port side, by S-109 (Cmdr. … Read Article