HMS WARRIOR II. Requisitioned Luxury 1000 ton Yacht [54M] – (Excellent detail in Dive Dorset: 194 p146 – 50 21.56N; 02 12.23W) – Bombed and sunk by German Aircraft in WW2 having survived WW1. There is a single gun mounted on the bow. 13 miles SE of Portland Bill she lies in 60 metres. Other refs. SRN: Vol. 2 p382 & LCWLR: WW2, p99. “While the lifeboat was searching for survivors, spent bullets and shrapnel were raining down but miraculously nobody was hit. Later a message came that an aircraft had been shot down ten miles south-east of the Bill, but they could find nothing. Then a German Aircraft came down within yards of their boat and they rescued one of the crew, the rest having gone down with the plane!” Farr: p57.

Day of Loss: 11

Month of Loss: 7

Year of Loss: 1940

Longitude: 50 21.56

Latitude: 02 12.23

Approximate Depth: 54