See LARN, 1944 A late Type V11C Submarine, sunk by Allied bombs. [51M] (Clarke: GPS; 50 24.70N; 02 26.00W) The U-Boat.


U-672 [18/07/1944] See The U-Boat


Early on the morning of 08/01/1919, the surrendered German Submarine U-143 grounded on the Hook Sands during a southerly gale, and as daylight came she was seen surrounded by broken water with seas frequently sweeping over her. She had been on her way to Japan as an item of war reparations., escorted by the Japanese … Read Article


First World War German U Boat (BV) [34M] – Captain Steindorff. (Dive Dorset: 106 & Clarke: – 50 31.82N; 02 33.34W) EMC has torpedo parts from this submarine salvaged by E. Nicklin. (Detail in LARN – 1918) – Depth charged by HM Armed Yacht LORNA. Beating the U-Boats: p142. Portland Museum No. 12.


First World War German U Boat (BV) – Commander Trager. (Comprehensive detail in LARN, 1918) – Torpedoed by HM Submarine D-4 – Lyme Bay. Beating the U-Boats: p141 7 SUB: p21.


First World War German U Boat – [50M] (Dive Dorset: 132 p107) & (Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland: Ed 4 p35 Wk. No.31: GPS; 50 24.70N; 02 26.00W


UB-19 [30/11/1916] – German Mine-laying Submarine Type UB-II. Launched 2nd September 1915 and entered the German Navy on the 15th December 1915. She was reported to have sunk 14 vessels in 15 patrols. ‘Q’ Ship, S.S. PENSHURST was reported to have fired 83 shells at the submarine before she sank on the 30th November 1916, … Read Article


HMS Sidon This submarine originally sank in Portland harbour due to an explosion and subsequent fire, which killed some of the crew.  She was salvaged and sunk in her present position as a Sonar target and makes an excellent dive. The Sidon is upright and although intact there are many holes in her casing, which … Read Article


HMS SAFARI. Submarine S Class Group 3 [40M] Building No. P.211 name given in 1945. Lost St Alban’s Head while on tow to be scrapped. LARN, SRN: Vol. 1 p16, 479.

HMS P 555

HMS P 555. EX S Class, US Submarine [34M] – (Detail in Dive Dorset: 104, p94 – 50 30.87N; 02 33.43W) – Sunk by Royal Navy as an ASDIC target. (LARN, Trim: & Clarke: have the date of scuttling 25/08/1947. SRN: Vol. 1 p405. & Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland: p27. Built by: Bethlehem Steel … Read Article