HMS SONA Warship, Anti Submarine Vessel – Converted to an accommodation ship and sunk by German Aircraft in Poole Harbour, moved to Studland Bay with the ABEL TASMAN & PRINSES JULIANA. Ref. SRN: Vol. 2 p336.


Warship – (LARN, VLI.) Sank following a collision in Portland Harbour. Ed C assumes she was salvaged? British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW2, p28.


Warship (Drifter) – (LARN) Foundered St Alban’s Head after a collision. Refs. SRN: Vol. 2 p190 & ADM.APV. 1917 p23.


HMS HOOD Battleship [15M] – (Detail and photograph in Dive Dorset: 140 p111) & (Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland Ed 5 p17 No. 2) – 50 34.10N; 02 25.22W. (Detail in LARN). Excellent display at Weymouth Museum. (More detail, particularly on Diver Robert J. Symonds and photographs in LePard: pages 48 & 49). Portland Museum … Read Article

H D M L No. 1060

Warship which foundered following an explosion of ammunition. Poole Harbour. LARN, VLI. Check Ref. British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW2.


HMS FORMIDABLE. Battleship [60M] – (Excellent detail in Clarke: GPS; 50 13.12N; 02 03.59W.) Considerable detail in DCC. Torpedoed by German Submarine and sunk off Devon but survivors remembered mainly in Lyme Regis. See also Lyme Regis Philpott Museum. Refs. LARN South Devon 1915; Dictionary of Disaster at Sea: 1990 Ed.p248-9; Devon Shipwrecks: 1974 p90 … Read Article


HMS EMPRESS OF INDIA Battleship [48M] – (Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland Ed 5, p 32 No. 38) – 50 29.44N; 02 57.52W. (Details in LARN) – Lyme Bay. 14,300 tons, sunk “by accident” in November 1917 while being used by the Royal Navy as a target ship. She lies in the middle of Lyme … Read Article


BROWN MOUSE, hired yacht, Q-ship trawler (BM.276), also known as SPINOZA. Built 1908, 43grt/75TM. Armament: not listed. In service from 23.12.16. Caught fire 28.2.18, total loss, Built at Galmpton in 1908 for E. Pearson of Brixham. Warship – (LARN) – RN Special Service Ship, caught fire and exploded in Lyme Bay. Refs. British Vessels Lost … Read Article