HMS Hood1_1200

HMS HOOD Battleship [15M] – (Detail and photograph in Dive Dorset: 140 p111) & (Divers Guide; Weymouth & Portland Ed 5 p17 No. 2) – 50 34.10N; 02 25.22W. (Detail in LARN). Excellent display at Weymouth Museum. (More detail, particularly on Diver Robert J. Symonds and photographs in LePard: pages 48 & 49). Portland Museum Wreck No. 9.

HMS Hood2_1200

HMS Hood was positioned across the Balaclava Bay Entrance, Photo Left and when scuttled she turn completely upside down, Right


Jane’s Fighting Ships 1919 p61.
Ship’s of the Royal Navy (SRN) Vol. 1, p270.
Dive Dorset (DD) p85 – 86.

Day of Loss: 4

Month of Loss: 11

Year of Loss: 1914

Longitude: 50 34.10

Latitude: 02 25.22

Approximate Depth: 15