Steam Driven Collier [50M] – (Detail in Dive Dorset: 36 p47 & Clarke: GPS; 50 43.12N; 02 48.87W. (Good details also in LARN) – Scuttled by German Submarine UC-61, 9 miles SW Portland Bill. Cargo COAL. Usual story except here the Captain G. Wright attempted an escape. His vessel was hit 12 times killing two crew and wound one other before surrender.

Refs. LCWLR: WW1, p131; British Vessels Lost at Sea: WW1, British Merchant Ships sunk by U-Boats: WW1, p48; PRO: Kew Adm. 137/2962 & Lloyd’s Register: 1918-19 No. 1266(B).

Day of Loss: 10

Month of Loss: 5

Year of Loss: 1917

Longitude: 50 43.12

Latitude: 02 48.87

Approximate Depth: 50